Rubber compounds

Our compounds offer and customized development.

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Coated Fabrics

Standard coated fabrics and customized materials.

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More than 300 materials well-proven by generations

More than 1000 implemented projects

Nearly 70 years of experience

100 % made in Czech Republic

Look at what's inside of the R&D Department

The R&D Department enables us to satisfy individual wishes of our customers. We prepare rubber compounds and coated fabrics adapted to you needs.

Nearly 70 years of experience

We are relying on our knowledge and experience in the field, which we have been collecting since 1950.

Do you need material with specific features?

Thanks to our R&D Department, we are able to satisfy individual needs of our customers.

Our services will not end after delivery

We continue to be at your disposal after delivery of material for possible modifications, changes or technical consultations.

Size doesn’t matter

We produce for transnational companies and also for entrepreneurs.

What can we do for you?

GUMOTEX materials are starring

Products made from our materials

Car floor mats

Floor mats made from pressed rubber. Universal or custom sizes for specific car designs.

Work clothes

Windproof and waterproof clothes of numerous colours and designs. Materials may be custom made for specific protection levels.


Stitched and welded aprons for food-processing industry, butcher's shops, as well as metal manufacturing. Wide range of materials and finishes.

Ballistic vest

Our materials are a part of defensive technologies used in vests made by several manufacturers.

Protective Clothes

Materials that protect against various chemical substances. These find uses in food-processing industry, army, industry and many others.

Sunit Protective Suit

Our textile and rubber based material ensures safety and protection during hazardous work such as acid or base accident removal.

Decontamination shower

Mobile shower suited for decontamination during accidents. Its inflatable construction allows for immediate readiness.


Extraordinary resistance of the raft is given by material which contains a coat of rubber on its inner and outer sides.


The boat is made of patented material NITRILON® in combination with the drop-stitch fabric.