GUMOTEX coating, s. r. o.
is part of Czech GUMOTEX Group

more than 1400 employees

we have been manufacturing since 1950

we export our production to more than 40 countries worldwide

History of Gumotex


In the beginning, there was a rubber

We started in the fifties as a company manufacturing protective clothes from rubber-coated textile. Later, we engaged in production of inflatable mats and boats.


We jumped in unknown waters

First mats and boats produced by GUMOTEX sailed to Czech rivers.


We invented Molitan

We began production of polyurethane foams, which are known as Molitan around the world. The name was invented by a native from Břeclav.


Polyurethane coating

We started coating textile in 1965, giving the people of Czechia a chance to buy or make the iconic shell suits and trousers.


Making auto parts

We started making parts and materials for car manufacturing in the 70's. Back then they were mostly made for domestic cars - today, our parts may be found in cars such as Volkswagen or BMW.


Research and development

We have opened a new development center where new materials of incredible properties are being created. This gives us the possibility to be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.