Potential Uses of rubber compounds

Car mats

The usual compounds for stamping rubber car carpets, as well as special compounds with low emission values of PAH.

Building industry

Floors, floor covering, decks or sealing plates, with resistance to mechanical stress.

Rubber-coating of parts

Rubber-coating of cylinders, rolls, pulleys, wheels and other similar parts aiming to improve friction properties and decrease their noisiness.

Sealing elements

Packings, cuffs, washers, O-rings and other sealing oil-resistant elements, for household appliances or the food-processing industry.

Industrial products

Production of hoses, cables, printing cylinders, components for industrial tools with resistance for chemical substances, thermal stress and so on.

Transport applications

Production of rail bearing plates, gum buffers and stoppers, conveyor belts for food industry, etc.

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Potential Uses of coated textile

Working clothes

Materials of various colours, composition and weight for manufacturing of work aprons, coverings, and gloves in a wide range of applications.

Industrial applications

Single-sided or double-sided materials with a diverse range of resistance against, for example, chemicals or petroleum products, or with fire-resistant, waterproofing, fungicidal or antistatic treatment.

Food industry

Materials for making aprons, pastry bags, parts of production lines, and other products designated for direct contact with foodstuff.

Transport applications

Non-combustible materials for the production of bellows for the articulated section of vehicles, for retractable hardtops (cabrio), or cover sheets.

Protective workwear and equipment

Materials for making clothing and accessories for professional use, for example, in rescue systems or specialized companies.

Civil engineering

Hoses for trenchless repairs of sewers, smoke barriers with fungicidal and fire-resistant treatment, etc.

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